What Is A T&P Valve On Water Heaters

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Talking about a valve, you know that it is the main part support of the water heaters. Therefore, in this information, you read everything about what is a T&P valve on water heaters. In this article, you understand the t and p valve on the water heaters.

The Definition Answer Of The Valve

What is a T&P valve on water heaters? It is the device that has the role to control pressure and temperature relief valves on the water heaters. Therefore, it has the function to protect the water heaters from the explosion. The t and p valve can be installed if this valve has the pressure above 30 psi dan the temperature should reach into above the 200 degrees of Fahrenheit.

The Kinds Of The Valve Series

What are a T&P valve on water heaters and what kinds of the valve? There are many kinds of series valves based on many classifications. Therefore, you can read the types of t and p valves depend on the classifications.

Classification Of The Commercial T&P Relief Valves

  1. The Series Are Consist Of 40, 140, 240 And 340

Those series have the automatic re-seating t and p valve. Those provide the cheaper device for the protection to control temperature and pressure. In the emergency conditions, it against the dangerous problem that is making the valve explosion.

The features of the t and p valves that should be known:

  • It has the size of about 1”(25mm). The size of these valves is above the series models M4, M2, and M15. Those are the come standard with thermostat tube from stainless steel.
  • The body construction of this valve is bronze.
  • The series 140 and 40 valves have a special thermostatic with a certain coat.
  • It has the feature with a non-mechanical seat into disc alignment.
  • The tools of this series is tamper-resistant bonnet screw.
  • Besides, the thermostat is proven and accurate.
  1. The Series Of LL40XL And LLL40XL

This type is the extended shank automatic re-seating of the t and p valves. Different from the M series, these valves are designed from the combination of 2 in 1 and it has the extra-long pipe than the previous series.

The features of the t and p valves in the XL series:

  • In SL 100 XL, this valve has an extended inlet model. It has the type the installation with the thick insulation. It is appropriate for the water heater that has the size till into 1, 75, or 44,5 mm of the insulation. The size is more about 105.000 BTU.
  • Next, the series valve of L 100 XL. It similar to the series of SL, but it has a different size. Besides, it is appropriate for the water heater with size 2 (50, 8 mm) of the insulation.
  • The valve with the size of LL 100XL has the extra size and it is suitable for the water heater with the size 2,5 or 63,5 mm.
  • LLL 100 XL has longer than before because it is suitable for the 3 or 76 mm of the water heater.
  • The thermostat of the valve has a special protective coating.
  • It also has spring that is made from stainless steel.
  • All body of the valve is made from bronze.
  1. The Shut-Off Relief Valve Series

It is the series of 210-5 that has the automatic gas for shut off of the emergency temperature and pressure protection that is a product from water heaters. It also has an independent device to manage all the operation control.

The features of the 210-5 series:

  • The seating is consists of the Buna N Disc to the seating of the metal material. You can shut off with this series when you burn gas at a high temperature.
  • You can press the reset button, so the valve can be opened manually. When you press the reset button, the valve will open and flow the burner.
  • The valve can trip latch assembly. You can snap latch when the valve is close. It is the way to control the temperature. Besides, it makes from stainless steel to close the position.
  • You can use the function of the thermostat. From this function, you can operate the system to respond to the system of the operators It also has temperature-sensitive protection.
  1. The Model Of The Valve In 3 L

The pressure relief valve gives protection to the temperature and pressure in the domestic water heaters and storage tanks. What is a T&P valve on water heaters? it is the next series of the valve.

The features of the valve are:

  • It has pressure 17 till 150 psi (5,2 – 10,3 bar, ASME construction. It is suitable for the water heater 20x 20 mm.

What is a T&P valve on water heaters and what are the kind? It is not only 3L but also many kinds of series such as model 5 3L, and the others.

Therefore, all the information that answers the question about what is a T&P valve on water heaters.