The Importance Of The Use Of Wax Element Thermostatic Valve For Safety And Comfort

Wax Element Thermostatic Valve HVAC heating ventilation air conditioning

The thermostatic valve is the choice of the right valve type to get a constant temperature. The temperature produced in this valve is not affected by the water pressure or flow rate. This condition is a solution to the problem of water temperature that often changes suddenly. Water conditions can suddenly become cold or vice versa. The mixing valve will immediately turn off the hot water automatically, shortly after mixing with cold water. This function is to support security conditions and also safety features when using a water heater. The thermostatic valve has a three-way valve control that is more accurate and reliable.

In the wax element thermostatic valve, water temperature conditions can be mixed or diverted according to the desired temperature. The thermostatic valve is quite easy to operate and also easy to do maintenance. The use of this valve does not require an external power source or an external power supply.

Types Of Elements In Wax Element Thermostatic Valve

  1. The Push-Squeeze element contains components in the form of synthetic rubber arms that are shaped like finger gloves. This component exists around the piston. When the temperature conditions increase, the pressure from the expansion of the thermostatic material will move the piston with lateral pressure and provide vertical impulse. Furthermore, the piston will return to its original position using a return spring. This element is a little less accurate but can provide a longer stroke.
  2. The flat diaphragm element is a temperature sensing material which functions to transfer pressure to the piston through the diaphragm and plug. During the cooling process, the starting position of the piston is obtained by using a return spring. Flat diaphragm elements have a high degree of accuracy, so they are often used in sanitary installations and also heating.
  3. Stroke property is the piston movement which is related to its starting point. The ideal stroke is one that matches the temperature range of the element. According to the type of elements in the wax element thermostatic valve can vary, from 1.5 mm to 16 mm. The temperature range is between the minimum operating temperature and the maximum temperature of the element. The element’s temperature can cover temperature conditions ranging from -15 degrees C to +120 degrees C. The elements in the element can move proportionally by providing temperature changes in some parts of the range. Also, the element can suddenly open around a certain temperature, this depends on the composition of the wax used.

Comfort and safety in the use of thermostats can use a mixture of cold water and hot water. Use a water heater equipped with a mixing valve to regulate the water heater to an adjustable temperature. Temperature adjustment aims to reduce bacterial growth. The use of valves is usually combined with a water heater equipped with a tank, so you can get warm water, hot water when you need it. This mixing valve works by mixing hot water and cold water to get a constant safe temperature. When mixed with cold water, a temperature range of 49 degrees Celsius is produced, a temperature that is at a safe point for use. In mixing the composition of hot water is of course less than the composition of cold water. Another type of valve, the mixing valve is indeed suitable for home needs. You can also consider the wax element thermostatic valve features as well as the mixing valve that is adjusted to your needs.

Good use of warm water should be in the temperature range of 49 degrees Celsius, 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the Legionella bacteria that can be found in the water. Bacteria in water can be dangerous and cause fever and other diseases. The use of a slightly increased water temperature can minimize or eliminate these bacteria, but you must still pay attention to safe and constant temperature limits. A valve does have a variety of benefits, one of which is a mixing valve that aims to make the water temperature safe. The condition of hot scalded skin can make the skin irritated, red rashes, or pain that makes the skin red. Wax element thermostatic valve also have temperature moderation that can be adjusted easily.

The temperature moderation feature makes it easy to get fine-tuning temperatures. The main element in the thermostatic valve is the regulating section connected to the knob, the adjustment scale element, and also the reference spring element. Elements that also play an important role are the valve body, the cone cover, and also the element for sealing. Sensors are also a very important thermostatic element.