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Underfloor Heating Thermal Actuator Manufacturer

Peoples fight to survive even in the brutal cold season. People use many ways, such as wearing thick jackets and clothes or making their houses comfortable. One of the favorite ways this time is using a water underfloor heating system. Underfloor Heating Thermal Actuator is one of the essential parts of the system. What is this thing? How can we find suitable ones for our homes? Read this to find the correct information before you install the system.

Heating System Time By Time

The cold season is a part of human life since a long time ago, but lately, as nature changes, the cold season becomes harder in many places. But let’s see how people fight to survive in the cold season.

In traditional life, humans live in nature. They were dependent on nature for their food and all of their daily life needs. To warm up their body and homes, traditional people use wood to be burned and produce heat. They also use animal skin, as it one of the warming materials.

Then, people life getting better. They start to burn other materials, such as fossil fuels. Using fossil fuel is effective, but it produces carbon dioxide, and it is limited, too. So that humans keep finding better heating ways.

Comes the era of electricity. Electric warmers are not produced carbon dioxide, but it takes money for the electricity bill.

Then comes the era of underfloor heating systems. This is a system where heating elements use electricity to warm up the floor. The heat will spread to the air above the floor and warm up the room. The invention of this system is getting better, but the need for electricity is high.

Now many people apply water underfloor heating systems in their houses or offices. This system uses a piping line under the floor. Then, warm water from the boiler mixed with normal temperature water mixed and flow through the pipe with the help of a pump. It will warm up the floor and then the air above. This system is believed to reduce the electricity need compared to the element system.

Water Underfloor Heating System

In the paragraph above, we know that the underfloor heating system uses mixed warm water. Mixing the hot water from the boiler and the normal temperature water need a tool that also can detect the temperature necessary.

A water underfloor heating system is a system of types of equipment, that is, the thermostat, the base station, the underfloor heating thermal actuator, the boiler, and the pump. The human set the thermostat to give information on the temperature they need. This information sends to the base station that forwards it to the thermal actuator. In this state, the thermal actuator starts to work to open the gate so that when the boiler and the pump are ready, it already opened.

The hot water from the boiler and the normal temperature water flowed and mixed in the valve. The mixing will do until the room temperature set reaches. When it is done, the boiler and the pump will stop working. The system is in a keep warm state. This state’s time length may vary, but most systems stay in this state for 40 minutes. After the temperature down, the system will be restarted to work again.

Thermal Actuator in Underfloor Heating System

In the smart underfloor heating system, the task of the valve is important. It acts as the mixing valve to produce warm water at a specific temperature. This is why the thermal actuator use in the system should be suitable for the work.

This is important because the need of the building owner may be different than the other owner. The standard warm room is at a temperature of about 25 Celcius. But if necessary, the building owner can set a higher or lower temperature. The underfloor heating thermal actuator helped the mixing of the warm water.

How can we find a high-quality thermal actuator and be sure that it fulfills your need? You can contact us to find the proper components and what it’s purposes.