Ideal Home with Proper Underfloor Heating Installation

How to Underfloor Heating Installation

Having a comfortable residence must be everyone’s dream or goal. Do you also have the same dream? If your answer is yes, that’s why we’re here. Besides helping you with all the products that are certainly guaranteed, we will also offer assistance, namely underfloor heating installation.

Why are these things considered essential to complement the comfort of your home? Since a house is warm at the right temperature, let alone warmth starting at your feet, we assure you that is the true meaning of warmth.

3 Reasons to Choose Underfloor Heating

To further make you believe that choosing underfloor heating is the right choice, we will give you at least three reasons why you should have it at home. Let’s start reading one by one the reasons:

1. Does Not Have to Have Additional Space

If you choose other heating, you will have to prepare additional space to store the compressor. In addition to making you more troublesome, ordinary room heaters cannot fully warm the house occupants because usually the cold will be felt faster when the soles of the feet feel it. 

So, when you decide to have underfloor heating at home, you don’t need to worry about adding space, especially if your home is minimalist. The underfloor heating installation is placed under the floor of your house.

2. Won’t Ruin Your Home Decor

If you choose another heater, you can be sure that you have to adjust the model and color that matches your home’s interior decoration so that it matches. If it’s a floor heater, you don’t need to worry about decorating the house’s interior because it won’t add to or damage.

3. Evenly Warm Throughout the Room

Other heaters can’t provide evenly distributed warmth to a corner that is not touched by humans in the room in your home. If you install floor heating, trust that the room provided will be warm throughout and will be very comfortable.

Some questions that sometimes arise when someone wants to install an underfloor heating installation in his house, we summarize them for you:

  • Hardwood Floors, Can You Use Underfloor Heating?

A question is often asked to us: Can wood flooring use heating that is placed under the floor? We’ll give you the honest answer possible. In general, solid wood floors are not suitable if floor heating is installed, but exceptions are specified by the manufacturer. 

The manufacturer means engineered boards, where the layers are at least three layers of wood. Suppose these conditions are like this, then underfloor heating can be used and can be the perfect blend. However, the recommended temperature when your home uses underfloor heating is 27 degrees Celsius.

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  • If the House Uses Thick Carpets, is That Suitable?

We can recommend that you stick to the rug on the floor that has been heated underneath. However, you have to check the thickness of the carpet, lest the existence of the carpet makes the heater that you have installed not work optimally. So you should consult with us before adding any ornament on your floor after installing the underfloor heating installation.

  • Is underfloor heating Suitable to be Installed in Any Room in the House?

The question that is most often consulted with us is which room can underfloor heating be installed? Usually, we will ask you a question, in which room do you spend most of your time with your family or the room where you are primarily quiet?

Usually, we will recommend installing it in the bedroom and family room if you are still confused about answering these questions. Because making sure you wake up and have more energy to start the day is our hope when you want to create a dream home.

  • The Most Recommended Installation?

Dry systems and wet systems are also usually the most frequently asked questions to us. We will ask a few things, such as the area of ​​the room? Building structure? To the ground level in your house?

This aims to determine what installation system is most suitable for use in your home. If the land conditions are flat without hills, then a wet system is the most appropriate choice. 

If you are not sure what to do, we have prepared a lot of information you can access at You will also get a lot of information regarding the smart thermostat factory. We’ll help you the best we can.