3 Things You Should Know Before Calling an Underfloor Heating Company

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The underfloor heating system is not a precious thing that only rich people can have. The technology already grows so that the price could reduce into the acceptable ones for many social classes. Underfloor Heating Company has changed to fulfill the need of their customers.

  • Underfloor Heating for a Better Living

Living in the modern world is a challenge. It has many different ways from traditional life. Although living is easier with many technologies, the limitation of many sources is also met. This also happens in the heating problem.

Traditional living means live in nature so that the source from the forest or wildlife is almost unlimited. In the cold season, where people need heating to survive, they could take wood from nature. The wood burns so that the rooms are warm-up.

This can’t meet the modern living need. Peoples that live in the cities can’t find wood to burn and warm up their rooms. They need technology for heating. Electric heaters are used for years. As now people should save energy, there should be a better way to heat the room and save energy.

Underfloor Heating companies offer a solution by the underfloor heating system. This technology creates to help people heat their rooms. The system took less energy than the common heating controls so that it met with the save energy program.

  • How the Underfloor Heating System Save Energy? 

Normal heating control didn’t use a base station. The temperature set information directly send to the boiler, pump, and thermal actuator. This can cause energy loss, as the waterway could be hasn’t open perfectly while the boiler and pump already work. It also damages the boiler and pump.

Smart underfloor heating is a system that combines a room thermostat, thermal actuator, boiler, external water pump, and a base station. A room thermostat is a tool where people can set the temperature they want. It uses scales in Celcius, Kelvin, or another setting. When the room temperature is set, the information is sent to the base station.

Once the base station gets information, the information is sent to the thermal actuator. The thermal actuator will start to open so that when the hot water ready, the waterway already open perfectly.

One hundred twenty seconds after the information is sent to the thermal actuator, and the information sends to the boiler and the water pump. As the waterway already open, this will save energy and prevent damage to the boiler and pump.

When the room temperature reaches the temperature set, the base station will give an order to the thermal actuator, the boiler, and the pump to stop working at the same time. This could save energy by 2% if compared with the common system. In this stage of the common system, the thermal actuator close slowly while the boiler and the pump are still working.

After the temperature setting is reached, the next stage is keeping warm. A common system will make the thermal actuator and the waterway closed. At the same time, the boiler and the pump frequently restarting to serve hot water for the system. This takes a lot of energy.

The smart underfloor heating system will restart the work of the boiler, pump, and thermal actuator every 40 minutes. This could save energy by 26%.

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  • Applying Underfloor Heating System

Lately, the underfloor heating system applied not only in a big project but also applies in family houses. The application of the system is relatively easy, and heavy or expensive tools are unnecessary. But in case it is unable to do it yourself, you can call the Underfloor Heating Company.

The company serves not only the system but also the consultation before application to get a proper estimation in the tools and the budget, preparing the system, applicating service, and the after application service. This will be very helpful for the customer.

SMLG-tech is one of the trusted companies that can give you all the services in underfloor heating. It has high-quality products that could fulfill your need for the heating system, and the manufacturing is under quality control with ISO 9001 standard and CE. You can find information about us and our product at www.smlg-tech.com. Question and comment are welcome. Call us, and we will help you with whatever you need to know about the heating system.