Knowing The Best Thermostatic Shower Element For Your Home

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A house with the comfortable types of equipment can be ensured the family members will feel pleasant living in it. It is starting from a very small and simple thing, but it doesn’t mean really important. On the other side, it supports more for a comfortable atmosphere. Here, the bathroom will be one spot that gives comfort to everyone inside. The focus is on the shower, the best thermostatic shower element.

What Is A Thermostatic Shower?

The thermostatic shower has a no different function as a common shower, what makes it different is in the feature of the valve where temperatures are maintained its stability. It makes a constant water temperature. By having a thermostatic valve, it can make a consistent temperature for the shower, both hot and cold water are mixed. As long as the thermostatic element works properly, the temperature keeps stable, it avoids both cold shock and hot. Thus children and the elderly are safe for this kind of shower.

Does The Thermostatic Shower Element Work The Same With The Wax Thermostatic Principle?

The wax thermostatic principle can be described as follow, when the water coolant is getting hot the wax inside expands and pushes the element thermostatic valve to open. It caused by the expansion of the wax is able to suppress the spring resistance.

For the thermostatic shower, there is store water at the high temperature that has been pre-set before mixing with the cold water. The element thermostatic valve instantly reacts to change the temperature from the hot water into the cold water, when it’s getting too hot; the valve automatically adjusts the temperature back as starting. The working system of both is mostly the same, to keep the temperature stable or in other word can be said as the temperature controller.

What Are Thermostatic Shower Valves?

Thermostatic shower valves mix the cold and the hot water from the water supply at the same time. The mixed water comes out from the head shower directly while showering by determining the temperature. Most of the thermostatic shower valves are made of metals like chrome or brass. This material influences the durable of the valve. Besides, it’s easy to clean up and handier. Thus, it is designed safely for the entire family member at home.

The Element Thermostatic Valve Of The Thermostatic Shower

The thermostatic shower valve will close shortly if the cold water supplies fail. It happens to avoid the user from the danger, like scalding by the hot water suddenly. This thermostatic valve safety keeps the entire user; it can be said as a tool of family-friendly and multi-generation.

For the kinds of thermostatic shower element, it consists of:

  1. Element: it is so sensitive for the temperature of the water which flows inside, whether it decreases or increases.
  2. The piston works together with the spring, it moves away across the cold and the hot water at the entry point to arrange the temperature. The main point of the piston working system is in maintaining the constant temperature.
  3. Temperature control is a part of the thermostatic valve in controlling the spray of the shower. The valve moves the piston in changing the water mix of hot and cold water

The thermostatic shower element as the same function as what can be seen in the wax thermostatic element. Those elements work together in order to keep the temperature of the tools or equipment in a constant condition. Due to the automatic changing to keep the stable temperature, thus thermostatic shower element is the best recommendation for a safe home especially with the children and elderly inside.