Making Some Steps Before Doing And P Valve Replacement 

T&P valve replacement temperature pressure valve water control

T and P valve is an important part of the water heater. It has the function to manage the temperature and valve. If you find a problem with your valve, you can make T and P valve replacement. In this information, you read the explanation about the valve replacement.

What the meaning of replacing the valve?

As you know, the valve can’t control to stop or reset the valve from leaking. It has happened when the checking test isn’t coming out of the valve. One of the solutions is replacing the valve.

T and P valve replacement means that buying a new valve to change the old valve. When you should replace the valve? You should replace this valve when the valve start dripping that is doing before the test is done by the technician or operator. You should consider replacing the valve if the warranty on the valve is very old. To know the duration of the warranty, you can check with the tested every six months.

The Causes Why We Should Replace T And P Valve

If the T and P have the problem, it may drip and leak. There are some causes and reasons why you should make T and P valve replacement

  • The First, It Is Caused By The Pressure Of Incoming Water 

It can take the pressure of the building water supply. This pressure is fluctuating periodically and very high. Therefore, at the other time, it has too high fluctuation.

  • Next, The Condition Of The Water Temperature

You should understand the measuring of the temperature water. In case, the temperature of the water can be increased up too high.

  • The Thermal Expansion Of The Valve

In case, the thermal expansion can be running in the closed system if you make periodic discharge. It can make a serious problem with the valve.

  • Debris And Dirt Condition Of The Valve

To solve this problem, you should make preventive action properly. Therefore, it doesn’t appear the dirty valve again.

  • The Installation Of The Valve Is Not Set Up Properly

The cause of the leak is the overheat condition. It has happened at the sensor point of the T and P Valve.

  • The Final, It Is Caused By Banging Pipes

It can make leaks and drips. This problem is caused by high temperature and pressure in the piping system. This step can make to open the valve when a brief moment comes.

After you read the reason why the valve should be the replacement, you also read the way to replace the valve. Here, those are the steps on how to make T and P valve replacement as the following.

  • The First Step Is Turning Off The Water Heater

You can turn off the water heater within switch off the electricity, gas, and the cold water that is coming to the water heater.

  • Next, The Draining Water From The Tank Of Water Heater

You can drain the water from the tank on the water until the level of the water into the valve’s location. To implement this step easier, you can run hot water at any part of the faucet, such as a bathtub and shower.

  • Draining The Water Depend On The Volume

For draining about a gallon, you need a top-mounted valve. Besides, you should take 10 gallons for a side part of the mountain valve. It includes the wasting of the water at the fixtures. In this step, you can flush accumulated sediment and mineral that is gotten from the water heater.

  • After Draining, Let’s Raise The Level On The Valve!

The next step of T and P valve replacement is draining. You can not screw the pipe if a copper pipe is founded in T and P Valve. You can lose the valve with a turning valve counter-clockwise. Doing this step with a wrench then you remove the broken valve slowly. If the water begins to come out again, you can screw it back. Let’s drain the water more from the tank of the water heater.

  • Thread Tape That Is Located On The Threads Should Be Put The Pipe

Let’s screw the new T and P valve. To make screw the old valve easily, you should turn the valve in a clockwise direction. Let be tighten the valve with a wrench, but don’t make it over tighten.

  • Last, You Can Turn The Cold Water

Let’s turn the gas, electricity back on, and cold water supply! This step should be run to restart the valve, gas water heater, or relight the pilot lamp within electronic igniter if you need to do it.

If you feel difficult to make T and P valve replacement, you can help the technician that offered by the official company, agent, or the distributor.

Thus, you understand how to set the valve replacement well now.