Smart Thermostat Factory in China: Learn to Restart and Reset

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Do you have a smart thermostat at home? If the answer is yes, then you are obliged to read this article, because some of the things that will be problems with your thermostat can be resolved properly, such as when the screen is stuck, frozen, and slow or when the Wi-Fi is disconnected with the thermostat which makes the condition offline. From many problems, what should you do?

Why is this considered an important thing? Many people think when their thermostat experiences some of the things mentioned above, their thermostat is damaged. What steps can be taken when this happens? One of them is for sure you have to reset the temperature schedule.

Learn How to Restart & Reset for the Nest Thermostat

Do you know that the thermostat you have at home works similarly to a computer or laptop, tablet? When the screen is stuck, the program is not working properly, it is normal and common if the thermostat has been used for a long time.

What should you do next? The first step is to restart. When you understand that it works similarly to a laptop, then when you reset it, of course, the thermostat will erase some or all of the information that you have previously stored.

An important note that you need to do before doing anything is: record the wiring information done to make it easier when cable adjustment is needed at this stage. The step is to open the icon settings then look at the tools. Usually done when making other settings, especially when the thermostat is placed on the type of heating system and temperature.

Another step, keep opening the icon settings on the thermostat then select restart or factory reset. Usually, the thermostat will prompt you to confirm your choice, then will start resetting it.

You should know that when selecting Factory reset, your smart thermostat will erase all your settings. Surely the next question is what to do next? If you choose to reset to defaults, you have to repeat each step only like when you just bought the tool. You can with the help of the manual book that was provided when you bought it or if your memory is strong enough, you can adjust it according to what you need.

It’s different when you only turn off and restart, this condition will not lose any information or settings. It’s like a phone when it gets hot and becomes useless, then it’s enough to turn it off or restart, after which your smartphone will turn on again and you can use it again as usual.

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You can do this step, if your smart thermostat returns to work after restarting and your thermostat is working properly, then this step is safe to run. However, when after restarting and there are still problems, you have to do a reset and of course, it will erase all the data that you have previously saved.

The thing to remember for those of you who use the Nest Thermostat type E and deactivate the automatic schedule, you can choose 2 options, namely, you can reset to an empty schedule or use the basic schedule provided by the system.

Tips on Moving the Thermostat to a New Location

What if you wanted to move the thermostat to a new location in your home? Yes, as long as you understand the rules of the game when doing this. After knowing that the Thermostat provides 2 options, then for the conditions when you want to move its location, you can choose the reset option to make it easier for the electronic device to learn its new location in a few days.

Usually, the thermostat is moved because you want to do renovations, either just changing the color of the walls or adding parts of the house to be expanded again. Resetting is also intended so that your smart thermostat can return to learning about temperature shifts when you are around and when you haven’t gotten home.

If you are not sure what to do you can contact SMLG as the smart thermostat factory in China. We’ll help you the best we can.