Avoiding Extreme Temperature by Using Room Thermostat

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Balancing the room temperature is necessary. Thus, a building requires a room thermostat to accomplish the temperature balance. This fixture is one part that runs its function simultaneously with the heating device. This and the heating device are complimentary. With this small and advantageous device, the heating machine works at the maximum level. 

The word maximum here refers to the temperature regularity and the energy that is absorbed by the device. By installing this fixture, some of the energy redundancy can be terminated. This energy-saving affects the living cost so that you can save bucks in your pocket.

Why We Need a Good Temperature?

Temperature brings enormous effect on two important aspects of living. The first is health; the second is mood. Health is the key to living. Without it, we can’t enjoy anything, even if it’s a luxurious thing. Health is more luxurious than any expensive jewelry. Research conducted by a researcher from Harvard University found that people who sleep in a hot environment lost some thinking skills. It also weakens the brain memorizing skills.

Then, talking about the mood is related to the happy mind. With happy feelings, we can do our hard job well without feeling depressed. It also involves the relationship among the other family members.

Moreover about the Uncomfortable Temperature

A human cannot survive in extreme weather. When the winter comes, people have to wear special clothes if they are about to go out. A heating fixture that is completed with a room thermostat is the weapon to face extreme weather in a building. The wind chill compounds the bad cold weather. This condition causes hypothermia. Besides hypothermia, other sicknesses are related to this coldness. 

Chilblains are one of these sicknesses. Chilblains can also refer to cold allergy. The skin will experience itchiness; then if you scratch, the skin gets red and uncomfortable. The other sicknesses are Raynaud’s phenomenon, trench foot, and frostbite. When someone is experiencing one (or more) cold sickness, the commonly seen symptom of all is shivering.

Otherwise, super high temperature is also not good. It brings some sicknesses that are not better than the cold ones. The possible sicknesses caused by the over high temperature are fainting (the blood vessel dilated, the body liquid migrate to the lower body part), heat swelling (also called heat edema, the fluid migrates to a certain spot and swollen), muscle cramps, heatstroke (uncontrollable body temperature, the most serious sickness caused by the heat), and heat exhaustion (overtired not because of the activities but by the heat exposure).

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Set the Ideal Temperature

The ideal temperature number to live in a good condition is 19 degrees to 21 degrees. This is the standard. People have a different way of experiencing temperature. Sometimes when other people feel cold, the rest might feel otherwise. 

So, the best way is to set the temperature to the standard one, then cover the body with the blanket it’s too cold (in ideal temperature) and take the blanket off if it’s too hot (still in ideal temperature). It is easy to set the room thermostat in an ideal number. For the digital, insert the number. For the dial model, turn the button to the left or right as needed.

Do We Need a Room Thermostat in Every Room?

Every family member sleeps in different separated rooms. This question makes sense because there might be different temperatures. In a house building with more than one floor, this question was also raised. 

However, having this component for every single room makes the living cost overprice. Not just for the purchase but the electricity bill. Imagine how much we have to pay for five rooms. The answer to this question is NO. Although in a house building there are separated bedrooms, they are still in one big connected building. Hence, one fixture is enough.

The High-Quality Room Thermostat

Because this fixture plays a prominent role in coping with extreme temperature (that can happen repeatedly), we need the good one. Shanghai SMLG Thermostatic Technology Co., Ltd has passed ISO9001QS9000 system certification and European ACS, WRAS, etc., product certification. The thermostat by SMLG is undeniably great in quality.