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    Instruction Sheet

    The R3385 touch screen Thermostats are designed for intelligentlycontrol fireplace, boiler, electric motorized valve, heating systems inindustrial, commercial and residential environment.lt adopts the latestcapacitance touch pad technology, easy to operate.Black color makes itmore dignity, elegant and mystery, which reveals the natural feature.6events per day could be programming by yourself.The unique two-wayscontrolling on temperature feature extends the thermostat's lifetime, andmakes the whole system more reliable, efficient, and security.

​Product Description

Model Selection

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Technical Data

Self-power Consumpction:<1.5WTime Error:<1%
Power Supply:AC 200-240V 5O/6OHZLoad Current:GA: 1A           GB: 16A
Temperature Range: 5℃- 35℃Accuracy:±1℃
Size:86mm x 86mm x 16mm(H×W×T)



Key Function and Operatoin

"1627540482661352.jpg" : Manual mode. Setting temperature or switch outputs by manual.

"1627540551185834.jpg": Preset temperature curve parameters.

"1627540551185834.jpg1627540482661352.jpg": Temporary Manual Mode. Under Programming Mode,press “▲”or "1627538387864706.jpg"Key turn to Temporary Manual Mode.Thermostat runsaccording to the Temporary set-point during this mode and willreturn to Programming Mode vhen next period start time comes( set-point in the Temporary Manual Mode will not be stored).Press"1627538282559097.jpg" to switch to Manual Mode.

1627541026361054.jpg: Locked status.Keeping pressing "▲""1627538387864706.jpg" key for 5 seconds to lock/unlock the LCD screen.

1627541091389057.jpg: Heating mode.The icon will keep lighting when the load is runningon under normal working status, or when the load is turned onautomatically in the anti-frost protection feature under the poweroff status.When it is twinkling. the load will be cut off automaticallydue to overheating (the floor temperature exceeds the maximumlimited temperature).

"FLOOR":Floor temperature (the external sensor that set in the floor to detect the temperature). It will be enable when the sensor type is switch to“AL” in Advanced Options. Keeping pressing " ▲" key for 3 secondsto display the floor temperature. Release the key. the previousdisplay will return in 3 seconds.

Menu Function and Operation

"1627538095187539.jpg": Power on/off, press this key to turn on/off system.

"M": Mode/Menu.Press this key to enter into programmable or manual mode. It wrill be invalid when the thermostat has been built-in theRS485 communication feature.

"1627540551185834.jpg": Clock Programming Key.Pressing "1627540551185834.jpg" to set the clock. Operation sequence: Clock minute adjusting→Clock hour adjusting→Weekadjusting一Return to the original state. Keeping pressing"1627540551185834.jpg" for 3seconds to check temperature curve parameters.

"1627538376863315.jpg":Temperature up or adjust parameter.

"1627538387864706.jpg":Temperature down or adjust parameter.



1627541920546720.jpgvalve onvolff in above figure refer to the wiring of the valve on wire and the walve off wire in thethree-way motorized valve. if the connected cvice is the twoway motorized valves or othertwo-mwire devices, the valve will be tumed on when it connects with the normally off two-wayrTotorized valve ar two-wire devices.Otherwise, the valve will be tumed off when it connectswith the normallry on twa-vay motorized walve oe two-wire dewices.

Note: Above are just for reference. subject to the actual wiring diagram on the back side of Power Unit.