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    Instruction Sheet

    R331 series digital thermostat is suitable for temperature control of Fengji Panying, electric valve, electric valve, electric Fengkou and Yipin equipment. The large-screen LCD display is used to detect the indoor temperature through the NTC (negative temperature coefficient) temperature sensor inside the thermostat, and compare it with the temperature set by the user in real time. Automatically adjust the air intake volume and turn on or turn off the air-conditioning and heating system. The pipeline electric valve achieves the purpose of maintaining the indoor temperature. It is recommended to be used in conjunction with the V2016 series, V4016 series, V6016 series, and V8016 series electric valves.

​Product Description

Technical Data

Self-power Consumpction:<1.5WTime Error:<1%
Power Supply:100-240VAC 50/60HZLoad Current:1A(Deceptive load)   2A(Resistive load)
Temperature range:10℃-30℃Accuracy:±1℃
Size:86mm x 86mm x 15mm(H×W×T)



Key Function and Operatoin

1627538095187539.jpg:Power on/off, press this key to turn on/off system.

M:It is the mode menu key, short press the component to enter the cooling, heating, ventilation, floor heating, heating + ground sleep mode setting, long press this key to enter the sleep function selection→manual program mode adjustment→clock setting→program time period temperature check.

1627538315345355.jpg:It is the wind speed key, press this key once to enter the adjustment of wind speed, low, medium and high. Automatic wind speed

1627538376863315.jpg:Temperature up or adjust parameter

1627538387864706.jpg:Temperature doen or adjust parameter.

Menu Function and Operation

1、Set temperature adjustment

a、Programming mode: The temperature cannot be adjusted during operation, and it must be reprogrammed if adjustment is required.

b、Manual mode: It can be set directly in standby mode. There is a " image.png" sign on the screen.

2、Lock indication settings

"1627538701323264.jpg"When the keys are locked,press the "1627538376863315.jpg"    "1627538387864706.jpg" key at the same time for more than 5  seconds to lock the thermostats, and then hold it for more than 5 seconds to unlock it.

3.Wind speed settings

Press the "1627538315345355.jpg"key in turn for low, medium, high, and automatic wind speed.

4.Working mode setting

 Press the "M"key to switch between the five states of cooling, heating, ventilation, floor heating,floor heating + heating, in the ventilation state, the valve is closed, and only the fan delivers air

5.Sleep function setting

Long press the"M"key to switch to the sleep icon flashing, press the"1627538376863315.jpg"to confirm, press the"1627538387864706.jpg" key to cancel

6. Manual programming mode switching

Long press"M"key to switch to"image.png"flashing, press"1627538376863315.jpg"key to enter manual mode, press"1627538387864706.jpg" key to enter programming mode.

7.Clock programming Key

Long press the"M"key to switch to the minute flashing, press the"M"key to switch the minute, hour, and week, and press the"1627538376863315.jpg","1627538387864706.jpg"key to adjust the setting value

8. View temperature during programming period

Long press"M"key to switch to the last item, press"1627538376863315.jpg"、"1627538376863315.jpg"key to view the target temperature value corresponding to 24 periods