The Principle Of Operating An Automatic Drive For Greenhouses – How To Install Thermal Actuator

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The greenhouse ventilation process is a major factor affecting not only yields but also the survival of plants in them. There are several ways to create air circulation in a greenhouse, including automatic and manual. The manufacturer offers various forms of the greenhouse, the design consists of a metal frame coated with polycarbonate with an open roof. The use of thermal drives for greenhouses greatly simplifies the ventilation process and can also eliminate human factors.

Types And Principles Of Greenhouse Automatic Ventilation

The principle of operation of each greenhouse automatic ventilation with the driver install thermal actuator is based on the opening and closing of the ventilation as a result of the temperature indicator in the room. There are several types of devices for greenhouse ventilation. Each differs in the physical principle that underlies the operation of the device and has its advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Electronic Thermal Drive

This system consists of a fan located at the top of the greenhouse and a thermal relay with sensors that control its operation. This is one of the most convenient and effective ways to regulate temperature.

  1. The Principle Of The Plate Is Made Of Different Metals

The second type of principle is based on the ability of different metals to respond differently to temperature fluctuations. Such a device is called a bimetal system. It consists of two plates consisting of metals with different linear expansion coefficients. When heated, the plates bend in one direction and open the window, when cooled, on the other hand, close it.

  1. Design Features Based On Hydraulics Or Pneumatics

Systems with a drive install thermal actuator for automatic greenhouses are further based on the principle of hydraulic or pneumatic operation. The difference in these principles is because what works is liquid or air. The system can be assembled independently or purchased directly in the store. The device consists of a cylinder filled with special fluid and a rod that moves under the force of expansion or contraction of this fluid. The liquid at a temperature of 23 degrees Celsius begins to expand and push the stem with a strength of more than 20 kg so that it can open the window. If the window has a structure that needs to be closed, a spring or similar reverse action mechanism will be needed.

How To Choose A Thermal Drive System For Greenhouses?

To choose the right system on the drive to install an automatic thermal actuator, it is important to pay attention to the type of your greenhouse window and its size. On average, the ventilation area on the roof must be around 30% of the roof area itself. If the window is closed with its weight, the simplest system will be carried out, but if the design is with a vertical axis, a more complex system or modification in the form of a spring is needed for the closing process.

Also, note the material from which the drive install thermal actuator is made. Although the system itself is located inside a greenhouse, the material must be anti-corrosion. This will extend the life of the mechanism. Another important factor is strength when opening it. It must match the type of your window frame and not exceed the maximum value specified in the instructions. Double-check the strength of your window frame, the concept of balance can also be used here.

The Drive Features Install Thermal Actuator In A Greenhouse

Before installing a thermal actuator in a greenhouse, you must ensure that the window can open easily without much effort. At each window position, the elements must not touch the frame. The rod when install thermal actuator must be pulled completely before installation. To do this, store the system in the refrigerator. According to the instructions, use a screwdriver, then install the bracket where needed and install the system. The thing to remember is that the system must be heated by the air inside the greenhouse, not by direct sunlight, so attach the solar screen on the thermal drive.

With the help of an automatic ventilation system, make your greenhouse modern and engine powered. Then you will not only enjoy the harvest, but also the comfort of the planting process. How interested to try it?