Let’s Know The Types Of Valves For Household And Industrial Needs

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Maybe not everyone wants to know about the types of valves because most of these objects can already be used directly in both households and industries. But at any time you have to know about valves to be good at repairing and don’t need to rely on a handyman. To be sure, the officers who used to install pipes and other tools needed information about the types of valves, including Freeze Protection valve China for the benefit of their profession.

Knowledge about the types of valves is important so that you are not mistaken in choosing what suits your needs. For example, you buy a valve for water flow, even though what you need is a valve for the flow of the refrigerator. This is a big mistake and causes losses because the valve is not compatible with the device you want to modify.

But before discussing the types of valves, let us briefly discuss what a valve is. In general, a valve is a device whose main function is to regulate, control and direct the flow of a liquid, gas or fluidized fluid. The method is to open and close the flow. Some people also use Freeze Protection valve China for certain purposes in the household or industry.

The closest example of using a valve in daily life can be found in water pipes. Where most people use the valve tap to open and close the flow of water according to needs. The method of operation can be manual or designed so that it can work automatically.

Valves on the market are divided into several types, adjusting to their function. In this article, we will discuss the types of valves on the market complete with an explanation. Knowledge about the types of valves is important so that we can precisely choose and use the valve to suit your needs. Following are the types of valves and their explanation:

  1. Gate Valve

As the name suggests, this valve works to control the flow by opening and closing like a gate. Usually, this valve is rectangular or round. The size is to adjust the tool to be installed valve.

Most piping systems use this type of valve. By using a gate valve, you not only have control over closing and opening the flow, but also controlling the amount of incoming flow whether large or small by opening half or a quarter of the valve.

Even so, in certain types of gate valves, opening and closing the valve imperfectly can cause damage. Among the effects that will arise when you do not open and close the gate perfectly that will occur erosion of the corners of the gate.

In the long run, erosion will cause erosion so that eventually the gate will leak alias cannot open and close completely. In addition to causing permanent leakage, gate valves that are not closed tightly will have an impact on position changes that lead to passing conditions.

This condition can also occur in Freeze Protection valve China if it is wrong in using and maintaining it.

The advantage of gate valves is that they can be relied upon for full and leak-free closure, and low-pressure drop. This valve is also contamination-free, it won’t even interfere when you are doing pipe repairs.

  1. Globe Valve

This type of valve is widely relied upon for piping flow, especially in controlling fluid flow rates. Globe valve works with the basic principle of disk movement perpendicular to the holder. That way, the ring-shaped room located between the disk and the seat ring closes gradually when the valve is closed.

Based on its shape, the globe valve is divided into three types namely Z-body, Y-body, and Angle-body. Z-body is a type of globe valve that is most often used with a symmetrical shape so that it makes assembly, installation, and repair easier. The position of the Z-Body disk holder on the Globe Valve is horizontal. Meanwhile, the movement of the disk upright and straight facing the disk holder alias the pipe axis.

The Y-Body is often considered as an alternative to high-pressure flow. As the shape resembles the letter Y, the angle of the disk seat and stem are 45 degrees from the direction of fluid flow. Meanwhile, the Angle-Body design is often relied upon to divert vertical flow horizontally. This is a modification of the Z-Valve. Freeze Protection valve China might also be applied for this type of valve.

Globe valves are very reliable because of their ability to close high-pressure flow very well. It can also regulate flow rates well. Even so, when compared to the gate valve, the pressure drop is higher. This type of valve also requires more power to operate.

  1. Ball Valve

Freeze Protection valve China may also be a ball valve. As the name implies, this is a valve whose flow control is in the form of a ball or hemisphere, where in general the ball has a hole in the center that is aligned and aligned with the valve end.

To close the flow, the valve end is positioned perpendicular to the hole and the flow will be obstructed. Ball Valves are usually made of metal, ceramics, plastic or other strong materials. Good quality ball valves are also chrome plated on the ball so that its use is durable.

Ball valves can be relied upon to withstand pressures in high temperatures, in the range of up to 10r Psi mothers and with temperatures around 200 degrees Celsius. Then it might also be suitable for Freeze Protection valve China. Assembly, operation, and repair are very easy, so many industries use this type of valve.

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