Why Should Choose Floor Heating 8 Zones For Your Home To Be Comfortable?

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Floor heating 8 zones is a component contained in the floor heating system for the room. In this era, many people already use it.

This component makes it possible to work heating the floor up to 8 zones. The zone can be controlled through this floor heating 8 zones. Besides, there is a sliding switch that functions to control the radiator zone. When the zone is controlled, this component does not activate the heating pump or valve under the floor.

Product Overview

Various companies in the world have produced a lot of this floor heating 8 zones. The resulting product also has a variety of standard product specifications. Some even produce by applying existing product development techniques.

Brands that are circulating in the market have these component product variants. From the color of the product, the required voltage, the stored temperature, even the output power. The color of many products on the market is white. However, some companies also issue black products.

The weight of the product varies. However, most weigh between 500 grams or more. As for the dimensions of floor heating 8 zones mostly have a length of 29 cm. And most have a height of approximately 5 cm.

The contents of each product also vary. Some companies produce a maximum load of only 5 A. But some companies produce a maximum load of 10 A or even more. Users can choose freely according to needs. Likewise with the required voltage. Some make products with a voltage specification of only 220 V, but some also make products with a voltage of 240 V.

For the temperature used in the system works, usually, the product requires temperatures between (-20) – 60 degrees Celsius. As for the stored temperature, the product can load temperatures between (-20) – 70 degrees Celsius. This is a warm temperature when you are on your feet.

Available Features

The features of floor heating 8 zones can heat up to 8 zones or space. Usually, this type of component has an output in the form of a valve on the water heater, pump, and a mixture of the two. The indicator lights on the component indicate the status of the available zones.

Always pay attention to the activity to close the switch. Because these components should be installed by a professional electrician. The cables that are installed must meet the building code and electricity code nationally and locally. If the user has experienced damage to the system, you should ask the electrician to check the fuse.

In this component work system, there are several features of work performed by the component. Among other things that can convert energy while saving costs. Then it can facilitate the flowing water in the heating system so that excessive water pressure will be avoided. This component is rectangular, which can also be called a box to connect the actuator to the thermostat in the heating system. Usually, there is also a programmable timer switch feature that is useful for optimizing temperatures. The temperature indicated in each room will appear in a digital programmable.

To get more information about floor heating 8 zones, you can ask the offline shop or the electrician. Make sure you understand the component. Because misunderstanding will cause doubt to decide whether to use the component or not. If you are sure, you can find a professional technician to help install these components for a floor heating system in your home. Create the comfort of relaxing at home by installing a floor heating system using 8 zone components. This can save your expenses. Because it can control 8 rooms at once.