Be Sure of Your Choice About Electric or Water Underfloor Heating

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Nowadays, floor heating has been widely applied in people’s homes from anywhere. Especially for people who live in highland areas or areas with cold winters. The floor heating function is to warm a place, especially a floor. The heating component can use electric or water underfloor heating.

According to the type, there are two kinds of floor heating. Namely, heaters that use electricity or electricity. Meanwhile, the other one uses water. Although they are of different types, both have their respective advantages and disadvantages. For that, for your consideration, consider the following explanation. Which heating system is suitable for your room.

Get Familiar with Electric Underfloor Heating Systems

The electric heating system uses electricity as an operating material. Such as household appliances that use electricity. The electric heater also uses a cable as a conductor, which makes the room hot. Heating cables are made of special cables, which are not the same as cables in general.

Electric or water underfloor heating both have their advantages. It’s just that, users need to think about the suitability of where they live. For those who have room in an apartment, it is very possible if you want to use this component. Especially for those who have houses in residential or rural areas. In use, electric heating can be used in a room with a centralized system. Or it can be said that the heater is in the middle.

The most sought-after advantage is the issue of cost. If you install this component, there are no other equipment costs, because there is no additional equipment. So that the budget will match reality. Then regarding the temperature, you can set it at any time. Because this component is equipped with sophisticated tools, namely thermal sensors. So that this will consider you, electric or water underfloor heating to be used.

Talking about strengths, of course, there are drawbacks. Because they complement each other. For the shortcomings of using this component, it is not suitable to be applied in a large room. Because the heat generated will be lower. This results from a centralized heating system.

Another disadvantage caused by electric heating components is the presence of radiation.

When the heater operates, the electromagnetic energy emits radiation. Then the radiation has the potential to harm those around you. Besides, complicated cable installation makes you have to pay additional costs to hire services that are experts in their fields. Instead of installing it yourself, it allows errors in wiring to occur.

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Compare with Water-Based Underfloor Heating Systems

Water-based floor heating uses the aid of pipes as a means of conducting heat. The pipe is made of various materials. Some are made of metal, plastic, or others that can be used as a cooling device. Pipes already connected are installed horizontally. Then the concrete is installed above it so that it can withstand the pressure. This heating system is suitable for applications in rooms that have the potential to have pressure on the floor, for example, a car garage. However, this component also allows installation without concrete.

The consequences of installing a water heater under the floor, have several advantages as well as disadvantages. So that makes you consider, will use electric or water underfloor heating. One of the advantages is that the device can be used for more than 20 years. So you don’t have to think about replacing the device if it’s not completely damaged.

Installation of components is safer when using concrete. However, if the room conditions do not allow, these components can be installed without concrete. Because this component can be applied under the floor, with any material. In essence, the installation of these components is cheaper, because the electricity costs are not too large.

Underfloor water heating systems certainly have drawbacks. As with the installation of an electric heater, the high installation costs make users think twice. If the installation is done by yourself, there will be potential for damage, even leakage. Because the installation process involves several pipe joints. If it is damaged, the whole demolition will be carried out.

Electric or water underfloor heating has its respective advantages. The choice is yours alone. SMLG Technology provides underfloor heating components, so you don’t have to bother choosing the right components. This company has been established in 2010 so that the production process has applied international standards. Apart from the long-standing experience, this large manufacturer has certificates to support the production of heating equipment.

So, what are you waiting for, contact us to meet your heating needs.