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Wax element factory is a factory that produces wax based on your daily needs or your company’s needs. This factory will always give you the best offer for their products. Of course, their products need especially in medical, sanitary, industries, ship, and so on. So, if you are searching for the valve to help you to control your air conditioning, your water temperature in your bathroom, you need these tools. The products of the wax element factory are a wax thermostatic element, thermal actuator, and thermostatic valve. These three products are needed by you especially who enjoy bathing using warm temperature, for you who enjoy a cooling room with your air conditioner, and so on. Let’s discuss the products.

  1. Wax Thermostatic Element

These wax thermostatic elements consist of many sizes and configurations. These are designed according to customers’ needed. You can find wax thermostatic elements from small size to heavy-duty. Besides, they have patented technology. The expansion material of wax thermostatic elements makes you are easy to arrange the temperature which you want. The elements of them really have higher technology than any other competitor’s products.

This we do, just for you because we always want you as our customers feel satisfied with our products. So, you will not regret your choices. Furthermore, the performance of wax thermostatic elements is also very good. You can see from the temperature range, heating stroke, and cooling stroke. When you see the curve, you will be sure about your choice.

  1. Thermal Actuator

The thermal actuator is designed accurately to open and close the loop of the water heating system so that when the loop closes, this will automatically be controlled by an electric actuator.

You can use a thermal actuator in underfloor heating, air conditioning, mix water cooling pump system, and temperature control hydraulic balancing system. The product which is suggested to you is EN60730. This is a good type of thermal actuator which is produced by the wax element factory. To know how far the specifications of the thermal actuator, you can see the description below.

The type is NO/NC with the voltage of electricity is AC 24V 110 V 230 V. This thermal actuator also consumes power in 2V A. If we see the working temperature of the thermal actuator is -5 until 60-degree Celcius. The force itself is 110 N. The maximum stroke is about 4.0 until 0.5 mm. The running time of the thermal actuator is 3 until five minutes. The size of connection is M30 X 1.5 mm/M28 X 1.5 mm. Meanwhile, the cable length is 800 mm. If we see the protection guide, you can see IP54. And about housing material is PA66+30% GF.

So, from the explanation above we can see the wax element factory always gives the best product for you at your home or at your company. Make sure that you choose this product to accompany you in your daily activities.

  1. Thermostatic Valve

This is the third product from our wax element factory. Applicated in sanitary, heating and cooling system, and electric solar system, thermostatic valve presents to make sure about the constancy of water, warm, hot, or cold. And to make sure about the air temperature in air conditioning. So, don’t be afraid of too cold or too hot. Because it can solve by thermostatic element. There are some types of the thermostatic valve.

They are 910034NT Mini Thermostatic Mixing Valve, 910018CC Thermostatic mixing valve, 910019CC Thermostatic mixing valve, 910021NT Thermostatic mixing valve, 910044NT Low temperature four – way mixing valve, 910022NT Thermostatic mixing valve, 910024CC Solar Thermostatic Connection Kit, 910033NT water return system control valve, 910026NT Freeze Protection Valve, 910028NT Scald protection valve, 930001NT Dynamic balancing valve, 930008NT Temperature, and Pressure relief valve, 930005NT Dynamic flow balancing valve, 51005001NT pressure limiting valve. There are totally 14 types of the thermostatic valve which offered by wax element factory.

Each type has benefits itself. It is based on you which one do you need for your daily satisfaction. In the brochure of the thermostatic valve, you can see deeply each specification of our product. And if you have a problem with putting the part of our product, we have prepare or engineering team to help you. Our engineering team will guide you to the certainty of temperature, pressure, connection size, and material and if you need, our engineering team will also explain other parts related to our product.

So, don’t worry you will fail in running our products. Because of we always ready to guide you in applying our product. We are Shanghai SMLG Thermostatic Technology Co., Ltd. We will always give you the best of us. If you are happy to use our product, it means we are successful in satisfying our loyal consumers.

For further information about our product, detail, price, and specifications, you can contact us in +86 1895 737 2556 or email to jason@smlgood.com.